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Culture Spotlight Featuring Artie Brennan

Artie & Anthony have written/directed/and starred in several award winning short films together including “Daytrip Massacre" (Best Horror Comedy- Hollywood Comedy Shorts FF) and they are the duo behind the critically acclaimed live Off Broadway comedy "The Super Crazy Funtime Show." As an actor Artie has appeared on Blue Bloods, House of Cards, and Comedy Central, and has written and directed several pilots and shorts including "Snuffalafaghost: Hip Hop's First Stylist," which won the Audience Choice Award at the inaugural Hip Hop Film Festival. As an actor, Anthony has appeared on The Mysteries Of Laura, Person Of Interest, and Comedy Central. He wrote & directed the web series “The Anthony Show” and has written sketch comedy shorts that have appeared on sites like Funny Or Die.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival. I have been a Huge fan of the Hip Hop FIlm Festival since its origin. My short film "Snuffaluffaghos (Hip Hop's First Stylist)" was accepted and won the audience choice award at the first fest. It blew me away and showed me that other people dig my art and what I love. Hip Hop, comedy, and film together! I didn't think an outlet existed where I could share my work. C.R. has been a great friend since meeting her, she always champions my work and helps anyway she can. This year the Q&A after the screening for Lincoln The Musical was a blast. It was so dope to hear other filmmakers' response to the film and it also helped us realize that theater folks and hip hop fans really connected to the material. The Cypher's at Chase really showed how we are all in this together making art whether it is drama, comedy, or music videos. To be able to meet and chill with other artists who work in the same realm and hear their stories is so important to me. It makes you feel like part of a larger community of Artists. It makes you feel good.

Why are “stories from the culture” worthy of a platform? I think having a platform for “stories from the culture” is so important because without it there are amazing works of art they may never be seen. Hip Hop is something that many people like myself were raised on and it is part of our process and we love it. Whether it is direct or indirect it is always a part of our work. We may write to hip hop, we may make films about hip hop, we may use hip hop as a score, it is always a part of our work.

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival are important? First off, The Harlem Film House is so important because it is doing The Lord's work. When you are trying to make a film it is near impossible to get it off the ground. The mission to help make that happen and to help connect people is something that doesn't really exist. There is always a caveat. When I needed a theater for a scene in Lincoln The Musical, CR and the Harlem FIlm House helped me get one through connections. This would never have been possible without their help. I am forever grateful.

What projects are you working on now? Currently I am working on my live immersive sketch comedy game show that I write and star in with my co-writer/director Anthony Giordano. We put a new version of the show up every month in NYC. You can find the info at I have a short film, a very personal dramedy, that just finished post called "The Chat". It is being sent out to Festivals now. I am also writing another comedy feature and a pilot. During these uncertain times with the strikes you Can't stop the Art you Can't stop the hustle. As the HHFF says We Rock We Don't Stop.

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