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Culture Spotlight Featuring Chantha Luk

Chantha Luk, a former underground rapper turned filmmaker, has emerged as a prominent director from the Boston area. With a natural talent for storytelling, he has penned an impressive collection of ten diverse scripts, spanning from hilarious sitcoms to exhilarating martial arts and sci-fi series. Collaborating closely with his theater friends, Chantha has seamlessly transitioned his creative prowess from the music world to the silver screen. His background as an MC has honed his skills in crafting sharp dialogue and employing pithy word choices, infusing his films with an undeniable energy and wit.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival. My cast, crew and I had a marvelous time at the Hip Hop Film Festival. It was exactly what I hoped for and more. First of all, Da DRIP! Hip Hop culture never lets me down when it comes to fashion--led by CR Capers herself by the way (did y'all see her white and red number on the premiere night)?? As visitors from The Lynn and Boston area, walking through parts of Harlem world was so dope. It's so full of life and energy that NY tourists definitely miss out on sticking to your standard Manhattan based trips. The collection and range of films was spectacular. We laughed, we wept, we triumphed. And it felt like we were all in it together. It was the furthest thing from a crabs in a bucket mentality at this festival. The knowledge and the willingness to help one another was astounding. Especially as an old head musician who went through that constant battle in the industry, this was so refreshing to be around. The amount of knowledge I absorbed was invaluable.

Why are “stories from the culture” worthy of a platform? We're at a strange point in our history where the word "culture" is being hauled through a smear campaign. As if discussing and representing your own culture is a detriment to unity as a people. I hope we keep pushing it right through that mess and that's why this is worthy. If we don't value the contributions from the richness of culture all around us, we're finding reasons to hate. Hating over differences?? Come on now.

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival are important? The support. The support. The support. What they say they represent is what they represent. There is integrity here. When CR saw me and my leading lady, on separate occasions, she smiled and embraced us like she knew us--because she did! I KNEW she spent time with my film (my short 14 minute film), she personally vetted us and saw that we were hungry filmmakers with dreams she could relate to and hearts that were sincere. There's a humility many in the arts lack but being around the environment I was around that week, egos were set aside for countless conversations at eye level--for lack of a better term. Sorry, I'm a teacher, and that's what it felt like. People that had every right to flex and shoo me away came down from their mountain tops and made me feel like a peer.

What projects are you working on now? Blatant Product Placement Productions is always on the move! We are working on casting a comedy heist film and another short musical. As a side hustle, we are also still working with small businesses to provide comedic and professional video content as well. And we always stay learning.

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