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Culture Spotlight Featuring Joell Jackson

Born and brewed in Brooklyn New York with 3 brothers (we were definitely like the Ninja Turtles of the neighborhood), Joell Jackson thrived in the major castings at La Guardia Arts High school. He later became the youngest to be in the broadway show STOMP at the Orpheum theater in NYC and the National Tour.

That assisted him with credibility to become the musical director for the Knicks drumline at Madison Square Garden in NYC during the Stoudamire, Melo, Linsanity games. He also played Bobby Blue Band in the HBO show VINYL.

Striving to be heard through his art in this crazy world we live in, Joell Jackson made his way out to Santa Monica, CA with 2 agencies on deck and a big pocket full of dreams/goals! Embracing the now is 2nd nature for him. Maybe even his 1st.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival. From my 1st email from HHFF I felt special, noticed, and appreciated. That line: "You rock; Don't ever stop", gives me a Brooklyn nostalgia feel (still nyc, same difference). I felt that hustle and care all through out the festival as well. CR is a SAVAGE & so is the entire team!

Why are stories from the culture important? Because with out the culture you don't have what makes America really America and that's the People. Our style, swag and grind all graced with a blanket covering of love & resilience gives us that magic that made this country what it is. Who started Rock and roll.. really tho? Chuck Berry & Little Richard. I do Rock HHFF and thank you for the reminder. The 1st rap song on the radio wasn't an actual song but a poem with music behind it. "The revolution will not be televised". The culture is Thee Necessity for Truth and Freedom.

What projects are you working on now? I'm further developing the short film called "Jones Cafe" with one of the boss pitch executives to see where we can further take this alluring story of mine. Thank you HHFF for creating the Boss Pitch in your festival and giving me an opportunity where my preparation was at hand.

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival are important? The importance of HHFF & HFH derives from the source of all that is black, dope and beautiful. We're an unapologetically self made culture. So original, other cultures here & across the world copy us. The festival gives us upcoming voices a micropho... correction; MEGAPHONE and it's simply up to us to use it. Between the amazing films I got to catch, informative interviews with Omari Chadwick, Squeaky Moore & the Boss Pitch, I was overwhelmed with professionalism & inspiration.

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