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Culture Spotlight Featuring Joyce Gilliard

Joyce M. Gilliard is a first-time filmmaker and a Journeyman IATSE Local 798 Hairstylist in the TV & Film Industry. She is the first African American Hairstylist to be accepted into the Hair and Makeup Union in SC.

Joyce owned a multicultural hair salon in New York prior to becoming a sought after hairstylist for films and has worked as an Educator and Platform Artist for several product companies, which include Nexxus and Joico. She has also worked on over 100 films across the country and has had her work seen in several magazines as well as Art Expos in Paris, France.

Joyce worked as one of the hairstylist for SC based TV Series, “Army Wives” and is the recipient for the 2019 “Behind the Scenes” Award and 2019 “Women Torchbearer Award”. She is the founder of the SC Hair and Makeup Network and iSAFE! TV & FILM, LLC.

She is the Writer and Executive Producer of the Award Winning Film, “Daddy’s Home” a short film made for her nonprofit organization, “iSAFE! TV & FILM, LLC. Joyce is also an Activist for Social Justice and Safety Advocate who promotes safety awareness on film sets across the country.

Upcoming projects include : Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters which premiers August 14th, RESPECT with Jennifer Hudson and The Fred Hampton Movie , to name a few. She has also worked on the Hunger Games, Iron Man 3 and was Department Head Hairstylist for Boomerang, Being Mary Jane .

Joyce is in the process of producing a documentary which will be finished this summer.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival?

I truly enjoyed attending the Hip Hop Film Festival Interactive Experience! This was my First Film Festival I attended with my film and I am honored to be a part of it!

Why are stories from the culture important?

Stories from the culture are extremely Important because as a filmmaker it’s our duty to tell stories that affect our community to remind us where we came from , prepare us for where we are going and the things we need to do to get there. 

What projects are you working on now?

I am presently working on a producing a documentary about Covid Stories by Black Women telling their stories on how this pandemic has affected them mentally, physically and mentally. I also finished a screenplay I hope to have produced next year. I am presently working as a Department Head Hairstylist on an upcoming feature film. 

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival are important?

The Harlem Film House and the Hip Hop Festival is Important because it helps to spotlight filmmakers and their projects to be screened in front of industry professionals and networks who are looking for content that’s fresh and new. This is a great platform  for all filmmakers who have projects they want noticed! 

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