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Culture Spotlight Featuring Kareem W. Tyson

Kareem "Reem'o Meerak" Tyson, an Afro-American/Caribbean Male from Laurelton, Queens (Currently in Harlem). He’s an educator for New York City Department Of Education ,Videographer, multi-award winning TV Producer, Independent Actor (2007-present), and a Media Personality of TV/Radio (Podcast, 2012-Present).

Currently, returned to podcasting with “The Reem’o Meerak” (on all major podcasts streaming platforms), a column/section on Floss Magazine website called

“Reem’o C.U.T.S”, from time to time competes in Video Game competitions, and plans on returning to acting. Also, in the works of completing two documentaries (projected to drop in late 2nd Quarter 2020).

Tell us about your experience at Hip Hop Film Festival? The experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival was an unique, and Dope’ness time within my career. I met similar to legendary creatives of the Hip Hop Community, as well as networked with other filmmakers, and witnessed a few filmmakers I know either win or were nominated for the awards.

Best of all, it was in the hometown Harlemmmmmmm, NYC.

Why are stories from the culture important? I believe stories from the culture are important because it gives the individual an starting point to understand where things are derived from within it. Unfortunately, today’s era is filled with misconstrued information or misrepresentation of what the culture should be, and the stories are hardly displayed or some of the people within the culture want to hold them back thereof. Without the true stories that are grown in the culture, how can a culture truly have the essence within. Thus, with the Hip Hop Film Festival, and many other festivals creating a platform for these stories to flourish, and be represented well.

What projects are you working on now? Currently, I am working on various projects from the last 2 years producing a Hot97FM based show called “We Got Game” hosted by Hip Hop Gamer, Executive Producer/Co-Director/Actor of a upcoming TV show called “Behind The Camera”, in the process of returning to acting, as well as returned to podcasting with my show called “The Reem’o Meerak” (Streams on 4 of the top major podcasting platforms), and I’m a media correspondent with Floss Magazine and I have a section called “Reem’o C.U.T.S.”, which stands for Culture, Urban, Technology, and Sports.

Also, finally ended things with “ReemTV” (After 13 years, and 3 Years on Spectrum Cable/Verizon Fios via Manhattan Neighborhood Network) and moved on with other projects, and still producing content for other brands through my productions company; “The Meerak Brand Productions” and have my webpage; ReemoMeerak.Com .

Why do you think the Harlem film house and Hip Hop Film Festival is important? As per my statement from the previous question, it’s important for the festival and film house to express the narratives in its truest form for the culture. Definitely have paved the way for creatives to grow within and further expand throughout the industry, as well as given a hub or venue for a project to be displayed accordingly. Overall, would suggest any future creatives reading not overlook them as an option.

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