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Culture Spotlight Featuring Lamar David Mackson

Lamar David Mackson has over twenty years of experience in event management, video, and film production. Lamar was the Producer and Stage Manager for the Vibe Magazine Music Seminars from 1995 to 1999. Mackson was also Producer for MVAAFF HBO’s Award-Winning feature film ALGENY: THE GENETIC FACTOR in 2007. 

Lamar’s filmography and credits include The Cooking Channel’s PATTI’S PLACE with Patti Labelle, Multimedia Entertainment’s News Talk Television, Damages starring Glen Close, KITCHEN NIGHTMARES featuring Gordon Ramsay, EXTREME HOME MAKEOVERS, Viacom’s THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW, THE PHIL DONAHUE SHOW, as well as Spike Lee's SUMMER OF SAM. In addition, Mr. Mackson also served as Assistant Director on the popular hidden camera show IMPRACTICAL JOKERS on TruTV. 

He worked as a freelance Assistant Director for television commercials, music video production companies and from 2007-2014. NICKELODEON, AMAZON, ATT, NFL, THULE, SPRINT, and MICROSOFT were just a few of the successes as well as 2013 MTV’s VMA Best Pop Music Video, Justin Timberlake’s.  From 2014 to present, his company Nonstop Show Group produced and released 6 award-winning short films including the JM Benjamin’s MOVES WE MAKE, Hit comedy web series NO SLEEP TIL FORTY, MOURNING MEAL directed by Jamal Hodge, HEROIN(E) directed by Patrick Coker as well as digital branding campaigns for NJPAC and BERKELEY COLLEGE. 

In 2018 Lamar founded the Queen City Film Festival (NJ) in an effort to develop more opportunities for underrepresented filmmakers. In 2019 the festival screened 52 films from 7 countries in 8 categories and attracted hundreds of filmmakers and cinephiles. Now in its third year, the festival is expected to double its interest.  Lamar currently lives in NJ with his family while running his company Nonstop Show Group and the nonprofit Queen City Film & Television Workshop

Why are stories from the culture important? As a filmmaker, I often peruse the airwaves for our stories.  Though the frequency of stories being told by artists like me has increased, there are more stories to be told and shared with the world.  Aside from the value of black lives and stories being told, it is more important than the world to have the opportunity to see these stories told by filmmakers from the culture; filmmakers who experienced the trials, tribulations, challenges, successes, and lessons that come from the culture.

What projects are you working on now? My company, Nonstop Show Group just finished production on a new Thriller directed by Hip Hop Film Festival Best Director and Audience Choice Award Winner 2020, Jamal Hodge.  The film entitled, "Mourning Meal" is a dark scary tale of how one woman handles the loss of her child.  We also just picture wrapped on another twisted story entitled " Special Delivery" directed by Patrick Coker and written by Larry " Legend" Spivey who are both writers for TALES on BET.

Why do you think the Harlem film house and Hip Hop Film Festival is important? Harlem Film House and HHFF are both important because we need these outlets.  I came up in the '90s and these types of events and venues were more common.  Filmmakers need outlets of quality, stages that provide value, and thoughtful audiences who crave our stories and work.  HFH and HHFF provide this much-needed outlet for filmmakers looking to expand their audience, network, and knowledge of the business.

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