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Culture Spotlight Featuring Marco Romano (West Africa Edition)

Marco Romano - Musicien, Compositeur, Réalisateur, Producteur, Expert de Culture/Music/Tourism.

Marco Romano is a Swiss Italian who has set up his independent audio-visual label Roadmusic productions in Kati - Koulikoro, Mali-West Africa. He has worked with different Malian and International artists (Miss Maawa, Shaka Soumbounou, Kerfala Kante Jr., Lee Scratch Perry, Zou Tereta, Kassim Sidibe, Toreli Vahktang, Belmond Ndjike, DeLab, Jono, Zanza, Remy Straeuli, Pascal Gruenenfelder, Jesmori Kante, Keletigui Diabanté, Sibri Koné, Vieux Paré).

Marco Romano's past experience includes training locals in southern Mali in the field of agriculture, ecology, and renewable energies. At the present he is working as a musician, music producer, filmmaker, and through a network of local artists, his aim is to create a corporation between the tourism and music industry in Mali. Exporting their rich cultural heritage to American, European, and Asian audiences would stimulate a redevelopment for global musical platforms around the world.

As a music therapist, Marco Romano considers culture and important part of a healthy society and for this, he has now filmed several documentaries.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival? It's a great Festival, very well organized a little fast for my personal rhythm here in Africa, especially what concerns the technical aspects. I watched some really amazing and authentic films from Africa. I really believe Africa to be the richest continent in Culture and Music/Dance.

Why are stories from the culture important? I believe Culture and Traditions - or - Stories from the culture are important for people, especially in places with multiethnic roots. It is very important to let humanity learn and to select from good traditions and cultures and to transmit them into the future. It's certainly essential for a balanced global human mental and physical health.

What projects are you working on now? I'm working on two new music albums, and one new Short Film:

- Live Album by Kerfala Kante Jr.

- Compilation Album by AfroCeltic BeatConnections

- Short film: We Elephants before YouMan

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival is important? As I believe Harlem and New York to be one of the major environments or roots, having developed various modern music styles and movements; like modern Afrobeat, Bebop and Hip Hop; cultural Art platforms like Harlem Film House and HHFFestival are absolutely necessary and important Transmitters and Connectors of Cultural Roots to modern cross-cultural societies.

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