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  • Zachary Spetzler

Culture Spotlight Featuring Maurice Keyes

I am a passionate filmmaker that is experienced in various genres: music videos, web series, and weddings. I graduated with my BFA in filmmaking, but I continue to develop my craft by teaching myself new techniques in editing and videography. I am both a leader and innovator. My attention to detail is what separates me from everyone else.

Tell us about your experience at Hip Hop Film Festival? I really loved the festival. It taught me a lot and I love seeing people of color getting together doing art and creating for ourselves. It's empowering.

Why are stories from the culture important? Stories from our culture are very important because our stories are often not told by us which is tough because then it's not authentic. When you get a story from us about us from our perspective you get incredible art. You get stuff like "Do the right Thing" and "Get Out".

What projects are you working on now? I'm working on a few projects right now. Trying to get funding for a feature film I am creating called freedom about a black man who gets superpowers after an encounter with police brutality. I also have a series I'm working on called " The Static Shock & Freedom show" which is about the same character that I am making the feature film about but instead of it just being about him, it's about him teaming up with the legend Static Shock and other dope black superheroes like Miles Morales (Spiderman)!

Why do you think the Harlem film house and Hip Hop Film Festival is important?

I think Harlem house and the hip hop film festival are super important because they are fully owned and influenced by our people and our culture. These sources give up and coming people a chance to display their work in front of industry professionals who can potentially bring them into new opportunities. These up and comers would would not normally have that chance if not for organizations like hip hop film festival and Harlem house.

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