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Culture Spotlight Featuring Maurice Porcher

Born in Harlem, raised in Teaneck, Maurice Porcher is a writer by craft and an avid traveler. He travels the world searching for new adventures while documenting anything worth discovering. It’s these journeys that are imperative to his writing process, as his experiences with many diverse cultures have expanded the scope of his reality. Combining his gift for storytelling and his passion for world travel, Moe came up with the episodic OPUSXTRAVELXART in order to tell the story of artistic struggle and humanize the artisans we idolize.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival? Being selected at the HHFF was not just an honor; it was the one film festival I wanted to be recognized. Hip Hop has shaped my entire existence, so being in the festival that embodies Hip Hop was huge.

Why are stories from the culture important? As a Black Artist, I feel it's my duty to tell stories from our culture, from our perspective. Black culture is American culture. We, as artists, are responsible for moving the culture forward, so it should be us creating the narrative.

What projects are you working on now? Currently, my business partner and I are working on our own native app called OpusVū. It's a VOD network showcasing content based on the lifestyles of the Black perspective. We're currently looking for content that focuses on Black Travel and Art, so holla at us!

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival are important? The Harlem Film House and the Hip Hop Film Festival are critical platforms for creatives to continue getting out these stories. They put a premium on authenticity and celebrate the passion behind each project they elevate. Again, it's an honor to be part of the entire experience.

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