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Culture Spotlight Featuring Moe N. Reed

Moe N. Reed is a CSU Northridge alum. She earned an M.A. degree in Screenwriting and received the A. Polonsky Screenwriting Award,  which recognizes creative work with themes of social consciousness.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival?

HHFF was my first experience in Harlem, NYC. The community was warm and unique. I got a chance to reconnect with cast members and learn more about hip hop culture. Why are stories from the culture important? It is important to have a balance of what images our culture embraces. Certain corporations may have an interest in showcasing stereotypical images, therefore authentic voices should be embraced as well. What projects are you working on now? Currently, I'm working on "The Life of Bern" which is a coming of Age web series. The web series follows the life of Bern, a teen who was diagnosed with Selective Mutism as a child, but after winning a rap freestyle contest, Bern must learn how to navigate the challenges of his newfound fame. This series is an answer to negative images in hip hop. In hip hop, there are 5 elements, and Knowledge is the 5th element.

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival is important?

As a writer who hopes to collaborate with others, it provides a space for upcoming artists to learn about resources and receive networking opportunities.

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