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Culture Spotlight Featuring Sidartha Murjani

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Sidartha Murjani is a storyteller that is interested in being and creating stories that raise human consciousness. he started out in acting but over the past 3 years have created my own work as well.  he has fallen in love with the creative process of making movies, from idea to script to execution to edits, that is why he writes, directs, produces, and acts. He love all aspects of making a visual story appealing not only as a form of entertainment but also as a form of educating the emotion, psyche, and intellect. He hardly ever have regrets even if they seem like mistakes. Intelligence for Sidartha is not in living in an ivory tower and saying things no one understands, true intelligence and wisdom is creating something that everyone can understand, feel and make them evolve a little bit and that is my goal as an artist, to create works that leave this planet a more joyful, loving place.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival?

My experience in the Hip Hop Film Festival was very positive, it was my first time in NYC and I am glad HHFF was the reason I went there. I met CR on an opening day and she was very warm and welcoming, the volunteers were great and the vibe was fantastic. I like the projection in the rooms they had and also the films curated were of high quality.  My favorite part of the festival was the award night hosted by CR, she was hilarious and you could see what the prizes meant to the winners, to have a platform, and acknowledging filmmakers who don't usually get acknowledged inspires people to create more. 

Why are stories from the culture important?

Stories are what unites us, it bridges misunderstandings, it opens doors that are usually closed by our own egos. When I watch another film by another artist, I am immediately transported to their world and their sensibilities. Everyone has a story and everyone can learn from each other's stories, but the question is whether we are open enough to see and hear other people's stories. The visual media can move people emotionally, mentally, and psychologically, a great film can enter the subconscious of the audience and transport them into another world. That is why stories are important.

What projects are you working on now?

I am about to shoot a comedy in a week here in Vancouver, Canada, it's called Gratitude and it's about being alone on Valentine's day. I am also working on a TV pilot about a multi-linguists who begins working in an immigration law firm.  Otherwise, I am still auditioning and acting on the side.

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival is important?

I think HHFF and Harlem Film House provide a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work. The success of an independent filmmaker is not in winning awards, it's in having their film made and screened, that itself is a success because there are so many moving parts that just to execute your idea from a piece of paper to reality is a challenge. So with HHFF and Harlem film house providing this platform to showcase independently made films, this gives filmmakers more motivation to create because we know there is a space to showcase their art. Art is created privately but exhibited publicly.

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