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Culture Spotlight Featuring Staxx Cordero

Actress, Emcee, Writer and Director, Ms. Reishon “Staxx” Cordero is a fiery Caribbean of West Indian and Dominican descent. She has been featured on Comedy Central, and Starz. On Staxx can be found in "Cassidy- Mr. JayV’s Comedy Series" and "Bumrush" the series. The off-Broadway theater community embraced her with lead/supportive roles in 20 plus productions including "The Diva and The Rapper" and Audelco Award nominated "Circumstances". Currently Staxx is shooting feature film Traffic Lane set for 2021 release and you can find her in "The Needs" available on Amazon Prime.

 As a Hip-Hop artist, Staxx was a regular on Wednesdays at the World-famous Apollo Theater, as well as Showtime at the Apollo. Her performance earned her a place on an episode of Best of Showtime at the Apollo, as one of the best to ever grace the Apollo stage. Her writing earned her two spots on the McDonald's tribute to black history. She was honored to have written the title track "Legacy", for Mc Lyte and D Nice on "The Legacy of Black Music", executive produced by Miller Genuine Draft.  Her voice also earned her a regional commercial, “The Jamizon,” with Miller Lite.

Embracing the role of playwright, Staxx penned the hit stage play "Poor Girl, Rich Girl", which debuted in 2013. It was the debut of Ms. Cordero as a producer and director. Ms. Cordero is currently penning “Poor Girl, Rich Girl,” part 2 as well as the novel and movie. In 2018 Staxx penned a short film entitled I got a call back which circulated in 25 film festivals with numerous nominations and awards including being awarded Best Writing at the "Everybody Digital Film Festival". In continuing to soar with her love of writing, Staxx wrote a one woman show and memoir entitled "I Am Relentless".

Staxx aka Pink Pantha is Co-CEO and Owner of AIR IT OUT SHOW LLC. The energetic and addictive "Air It Out Show" is on on Saturday mornings from 11AM-12PM. In 2018 the show was picked up by Scratchvision Radio from 1PM-2PM on Saturday’s.

Recently appointed Vice President of the Comedy channel at the Doe TV network. Ms. Cordero is ecstatic to be in a position to bring the joy of laughter into millions of homes.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival.

This is the second time I've been part of HHFF both 2019 and 2020 I was in Mr. JayV's Comedy Series. 2020 was different as my short film "Da Struggle," was accepted. The festival was dope! I loved how it was set up and one of my favorite LIVE workshops was a Master cypher, Pen Game. I loved the challenge of writing on demand meditation prior to the writing exercise, I'll be adding that to my writing preparation.

Why are stories from the culture important?

Stories From The Culture are important as we have an opportunity to get to know the person behind the lens. In most festival experiences we see the film, there's Q&A and we're on to the next, but Stories From the Culture invites us to meet the creator, the visionary. This spotlight informs us of who's who and who's got next! I'm truly inspired when reading about us moving forward as a people and telling our stories, this experience is a blessing.

What projects are you working on now?

Acting hat on, I'm currently filming a few projects, a feature film "Traffic Lane," I play a gangster granny. "The Needs-2 Da Inner Me" is based on parents with special needs children. Part one of The Needs is on Amazon Prime, I play Ms. Scott. Filming the 3rd season of "BUMRUSH" the series, I play Captain Malone. As a writer I have a one woman show and memoir entitled "I Am Relentless," the film "Da Struggle," is part of my one woman show. I've recently been appointed VP of the Comedy channel on the DOE TV Network on the Pluto TV platform. Send those comedies my way! The channel launches in 2021. With all that we've been experiencing It'll be an honor to bring laughter into millions of homes while giving an opportunity to deserving filmmakers.

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival are important?

I'm from Harlem and I'm so proud of the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival! As an actress having HFH in the neighborhood is so inspiring, I look forward to attending and participating in events when COVID 19 is over. As an emcee... the Hip Hop Film Festival is something I had to be a part of! It was an honor to be in a film accepted but even more so when your film is accepted... thank you!

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