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Culture Spotlight Featuring Stephanie Annette

Stephanie Annette is a theater and on screen trained African American actress, writer, director, and filmmaker. Stephanie has starred in independent feature films, web series, off Broadway productions, background acting, hand modeled, voice over, and stood in. In the height of the global pandemic Stephanie transformed her children into her film/production crew and hired recent film students graduates to create her first film "rEVOLVE". Stephanie has gone in to write and direct another international award winning short "Eurostep" where she collaborated with UK filmmakers and shot in London. Stephanie is extremely passionate about creating art the honors out ancestors. To restore family values and to incite necessary conversation amongst the diaspora. Stephanie's main objective is to be an instrument that continually pushes the culture forward.

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival? My experience at HHFF was exciting for many reasons. HHFF was one of the main festivals I was aiming for after completion of my film “rEVOLVE”. I felt a strong sense of accomplishment when I received the official selection and I got to meet CR, which was dope AF!!

Why are stories from the culture important? Stories from the culture are so important because it shows that we are not a monolith. Even with so many similarities we get to learn more about each other. Stories from the culture create a platform where we have a voice and can be heard.

What projects are you working on now? I’m currently working on extending my short film “Eurostep” (NY meets London by way of Africa) shot in London, into a feature length film.

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival are important? Harlem Film House and HHFF are extremely important as it gives a voice to stories from the culture. It also gave us a platform and access to professionals , networking opportunities and gems we may not have otherwise been privy to.

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