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Culture Spotlight Featuring Tae C'imone

Tae C'imone is a writer, producer, director, and actress residing on the Southside of Chicago. She's been interested in the entertainment industry since she was a youngin'. She would reenact movies she would see and add her own ending. She took this interest to Columbia College Chicago where the interest turned into passion and she graduated with a BFA in TV Executive Producing and Entrepreneurship. She later went on to work on shows such as The Chi, Love is Blind, Judge Mathis, and Empire. Utilizing her education and set experience, she began creating her own content and established her production company, Entertaement Productions that specializes in short films, creative content, lyric video, music videos, and photography. Her ultimate goal is to somehow drink a mimosa out of her Oscar on a yacht with Issa Rae, Michaela Coel, Lena Waithe, Kerry Washington, Natasha Rothwell, Quinta Brunson, Nia DiCosta, Melina Matsokas, and Tracee Ellis Ross. They say speak it into existence, right?

Tell us about your experience at the Hip Hop Film Festival. It was such a pleasure and was super dope to see so many talented filmmakers! I also found a new web series to watch (Shoutout to JuJu the Web series!) because of the festival so that was super lit!

Why are stories from the culture important? Stories from the culture are important because they're our stories. There are people who will never experience things we experience, can't relate to what we relate to, etc. and of point of view and our existence should be acknowledged and authentically told. Our culture and experience is so vast and beautiful and it's a full circle moment when we see those moments and all can find a connection within them. Plus, let's be real: Black people have some of the BEST stories. Period.

What projects are you working on now? Currently I am working on my first SAG project which will be a short film. I am also producing a live hip hop variety show in Chicago, filming Season 2 of my comedic web series, The Agency, and creating part two of my animated Instagram series, Taelor & Marcell Survive the Apocalypse. For the icing on this very busy cake, I am also getting my esthetician's license. When I do have time, I am working on a comedic feature based on the time I ate two edibles and drank half a bottle of wine. It's going to be WILD.

Why do you think the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival are important? You all give people the opportunity to be seen! You connect different people with similar backgrounds, goals, and interests. You put people on to really dope content created by a marginalized group. It's just dope! Please keep it up.

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